Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dads' Advice on Daddyhood - Part 3: Pray for them

The fathers that I asked advice with regard to being a father were all Christians and so it is not surprising that prayer for the child was one of the top pieces of advice.

"Pray by yourself, and pray with your wife, too. Together, you are the Body of Christ. But a body operates best when each part is in unison with each other.  We cannot be true Christians – truly Christ-like – if we are not in community with other believers."

"Pray for your child every day – prayers of protection, prayers of blessing, and prayers of wisdom (for you – as to how to best parent your son).  Prayer is the greatest gift that you can give your son.  Pray for him every day, and as he grows older and understands, pray with him, and when he first starts going to school – hold him / put hands on him – and pray for him as he leaves for school.  And while I don’t do it every day (due to travel and sometimes just being behind schedule as we get ready in the morning) – I try to pray with and for each of my four children every morning before they head off to school – it is mostly a quick 30 sec to 1 min prayer – a time of individual prayer – just me and one of them – they love it (and miss it and even ask for it if we miss a day or two) and they need it – so start it off young and make it a tradition."

Father Larry Richards makes the point strongly as always.  He asks men if they would die to protect their wives and children from an attacker.  He then says, "The world, the flesh and the devil are attacking your children.  You must pray - and say - if you want to attack them you better come through me."  He made the point that a father is the priest of a family interceding for them before God.

One father made the point, "Your son was His son before he was yours.  The Father will listen to a Dad who prays protection over his son as it is most clearly following His will.  Pray for him daily to be protected from all that might harm him, to get to know Jesus Christ and grow to be a man of compassion"

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