Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A 15 decade journey

Yesterday morning I spent my journey to work reading the news on my iPhone - it wasn't good news, I then read about the England - Kiwi game and was depressed further. No wonder I arrived at the office feeling despondent.

This morning I decided to do something different. What if I started praying the rosary from when I leave my home until I arrive at work?

Amazingly my journey to work - including a brief stop at a coffee shop en route took me exactly 15 decades of the rosary!  Instead of arriving at work filled with an awareness of the bad news - I was reminded of the good news. 

My praying of rosary concluded as always with the Prayer to Michael the Archangel and I whispered the Amen exactly as I entered my office. 

The contrast couldn't be greater. Monday starting work thinking of England battling - and losing to New Zealand - and Tuesday starting work being reminded of Christ and His victory - and that of His mother and the angels. 


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