Monday, May 04, 2015

Why Catholics should all become evangelicals

The purpose of the Church is to evangelise. We do not exist to make each other feel nice, have a hug on Sunday morning or to dress up on Sundays and and make polite conversation. 

The boxer, Manny Pacquaio from the Philippines tells the story of how he deepened his commitment to Jesus Christ and how his life was transformed. 

He used to lie, cheat and get drunk and he now loves Jesus and puts Him first. 

Unfortunately, Manny didn't seem to hear the message of salvation at his Catholic Church but from a Protestant pastor. I would not like to judge the parish he used to attend, but did the priest or fellow parishioners challenge him about his lifestyle? Did they preach about the four last things? Did he ever hear a sermon about death, judgement, heaven and Hell?

Sadly, all too often the saving Gospel of Christ is reduced to meaningless niceties:  "You're not ok, that's ok."  "Everyone come up to Communion in rows and have the special bread."  "We don't talk about the devil or confession or salvation anymore."

The Church exists for salvation and outside of Christ and His Church there is no salvation. There is a Heaven, there is a Hell. Unless we all become evangelicals - in the proper sense of the word - then our churches will be emptied and should lost. 

It would be wonderful if all of us - very much myself included - could witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ in our families, our workplaces and yes, our churches so that when Catholics hear that Jesus Christ died and rose again to save them from sin and death, it won't come as a surprise. 

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  1. The fellow's wayward lifestyle even extended to abandoning Christ's Church and Christ's intention for him to follow someone inspired to "do his own thing". It all seems consistent.The fault is his, rather than that of the Church. He has yet to accept Jesus Christ at full strength : "Apart from Me , you can do nothing."