Friday, July 25, 2014

The Godfathers of hypocrisy

Pope Francis recently said that those who support organised crime have effectively excommunicated themselves - he has also said that the attacks on organised crime will continue relentlessly. 

The Godfather trilogy is perhaps one of my favourite set of films and exposed the hypocrisy of leading politicians, officials and entertainers allying themselves with cold blooded murderers. Throughout the film the evils of organised crime, abortion and terrorism are interspersed with religious imagery, culminating perhaps with Michael Corleone receiving a Papal knighthood from a sick and dying Pope Paul VI. 

Sadly the truth is that the Church had all too often allied itself with powerful enemies of human life. When Senator Ted Kennedy died, this lifelong enemy of unborn children - but a powerful and wealthy man - was not only allowed a public funeral Mass but it was televised and "graced" with the presence of a Cardinal of the Church. 

Gerry Adams and the murderous IRA would always identify themselves as Catholics - and would have an election time photo opportunity going to receive communion - and gullible people would vote for its political wing, Sinn Fein, who relentlessly supported terrorism, gangster activities and abortion. 

As Catholics we cannot judge the souls of other people but surely the Church needs to stand up to those who - in a public forum - undermine the right to life of the unborn. 

Who'd support me in starting a petition to the Pope asking for a formal excommunication for all who publically and unrepentantly support murderous organised crime, abortion and terrorism?

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