Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Fast, Pray, Love

The book, and later, film called, "Eat, Pray, Love" never appealed to me but many have said that it was pretty self indulgent. 

Lent could be described as a time to "Fast, Pray and Love."  I'm not very good at Lent. I have great intentions on Ash Wednesday then on Friday night as I'm having a pint or Saturday afternoon when I'm halfway through a chocolate bar I tend to remember what I'm giving up. 
This Lent I aim to be more purposeful - not only chose to fast from something each day but to pray more, especially when I particularly desire that chocolate bar or beer. 

Love is perhaps a key message in Lent - we give to the poor but we also joyfully look forward to remembering what Christ did for us - and celebrate Easter three days later. 

May we deny ourselves, pray and seek to love more whilst, remembering today's Gospel, being joyful. 

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