Monday, October 07, 2013

Become a saint or go to Hell

Do not watch this video.

Do not watch this video unless you're prepared to be challenged and changed:

Fr Larry Richards is like a spiritual coach who drives men to the next level. He  reminds me of Mickey in the Rocky films - screaming at him to get up when he's knocked over, battered, bruised and bloodied. 

You may not be brave enough to watch this but I hope that if you do, you will find it uncomfortable - and in the same way that Rocky was exhausted but somehow got up and fought another round - you seize the moment and allow these strong words to impact your life. 

Fr Larry is hard hitting, the words are strong and he doesn't hold back - if you don't have an hour right now just watch the last ten minutes. 

His message to men? Become a saint - or go to Hell. 


  1. Thanks for this I came to the Church from Protestantism I have not heard such teaching for years -about prayer,sin and judgement and to Love Christ as I heard here. I came from a Evangelical church into the Catholic church-and the minister does not say things to upset people. Who is he kidding

  2. Gervase,

    Thank you so much for commenting. What touched you most in this teaching?