Thursday, August 15, 2013

Marriage and leadership

I'm sitting on a plane about to take off for a business trip to Shanghai, missing my wife and unborn baby boy and reflecting in what it means to be married. 

As a husband, I am called to be a leader, in the same way in which Christ loves His Church. 
I feel especially blessed - but also challenged - that my wife realises that as her husband I am the spiritual head of our family - what does this really mean?

Christ lived as a servant to all and gave His life in sacrificial love for His Church. He prayed for His people and washed their feet. He guides us in truth and in love. 

As married men, we need to examine our consciences more thoroughly - have we been servant leaders in our families? Have we taken a lead in praying together as a family and not just go to Mass on Sundays? Have we remembered to clean up, take the rubbish out, pray for our wives and children?

Please pray that I may deepen my relationship with Christ and so love as serve my family more. 

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