Thursday, April 01, 2010

What the Church needs: A radical leader.

What is the solution to the difficulties surrounding the Catholic Church today?

The Church needs nothing less than a radical leader who can:

  • Focus on the core tenets of our faith: God's amazing love for us and our response to this.

  • Fight the scourge of child abuse by cutting through Vatican bureaucracy and red-tape.

  • Be strong enough to remove those in the church who have abused their positions.

  • Implement the teachings of the Second Vatican Council in their entirety.

  • Move beyond endless ecumenical committees but take concrete steps for Christian unity.

  • Reach out to Eastern Orthodox Christians who share our faith but are separated from us.

  • Breakdown centuries of misunderstanding between Lutherans and Catholics on faith.

  • Welcome those who accept Catholic teaching but are attached to their own faith traditions.

  • Understand the Holy Spirit has always been with the Church and not just since the 1960s

  • Restore in our liturgies the sense of the sacred and the beautiful.

  • Lead by example by promoting worship that is God-centred not priest-centred.

  • Increase our knowledge of scripture by ensuring accurate translations of the Mass.
  • Ignore hate-filled criticisms and set an example by visiting the poor and the sick.

  • Undermine those who attack the faith by talking of the 'pre' or 'post-conciliar' Church.

The Church needs Pope Benedict XVI: Ad mutos anos!

Pope Benedict XVI: Change you really-can believe in

Pope of Christian Unity and of Vatican II

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