Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A devilishly good read

Occasionally a Catholic writer comes on to the scene who can captivate readers of all faiths and none.

I have had the privilege of reading a novel called "The Devil's Fairytale" by the little known writer, Greg Stewart. It would be a compelling read for those of any background and would have a positive impact on someone who does not yet know Christ.

The author describes it as follows: It is dark and epic and draws heavily on Grimm’s Fairytales but as the story progresses the reality of a supernatural world unfolds, and then as people takes sides in the developing struggle, a Christian reality slowly shines through, affecting all of the characters in one way or another, There is also a strong pro-life message and an emphasis on the power of sacrifice, friendship and the bond between parents and children.

As one character says towards the end of the book:

‘In all our broken relationships, from our childhood, through to our adult life, from our broken marriages and separated families – and ultimately to the broken relationship we hold with ourselves – not knowing who we are, what we want or where we are going – there is only one true bond that can save us, the bond that is the covenant offered by the eternal love and friendship of Jesus Christ.’

You read this book by clicking: If you know of any publishers who may be interested in this work, please contact me on and I can put you in touch with the author. Alternatively follow the links on the above website and click on ‘back the book’.

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