Friday, December 07, 2018

Don't lie to your children about Santa Claus

On 6th December it seems fitting to bring up the subject of whether we should lie to our children about Santa Claus. 

Many Christian parents think that it's perfectly acceptable to tell things to our children that are not true and pretend they are and somehow hope that they will believe us when we speak to them about God and His Church.

My wife and I have three young children and we made a decision very early on to speak the truth about Santa Claus.   This doesn't "ruin the magic of Christmas" - it brings them joy and wonder.

We do not lie to our children.  We tell them the truth about Santa Claus.

Let's stop telling the lie that Santa Claus isn't real.

We tell our children that Santa Claus is real, that he loves Jesus and lives with Him in heaven and that we can ask him to pray for and with us all year round.  

Saint Nicholas, pray for us!

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