Monday, January 20, 2014

Bishop-elect Mark O'Toole

In just over a week's time, Mgr Mark O'Toole will be ordained Bishop of Plymouth. 

Mgr O'Toole was among those responsible for the reception of the former UK Prime Minister, the pro-abortion Tony Blair, whose regime led to abortion up until birth for some children and the closure of Catholic adoption agencies. Sadly Blair's conversion didn't lead to any public remorse for the disaster he inflicted upon children in the UK but I must presume he did so privately. 

I personally knew Father Mark O'Toole (as he was) when I was a seminarian at Allen Hall and remember him as a kind, prayerful and orthodox man. 

Please take a moment to pray for him and his new diocese - may the Holy Spirit strengthen and guide him and may all the faithful there be fortified as soldiers of Christ. 

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